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Stand Together, Stand Apart.

In Italian, the word INARIA means “inside the 18 yard box.” In the world of soccer apparel, INARIA also refers to the cultured fusion of style and substance – of fit and function.

Founded in ‘99 in Toronto, INARIA is a boutique soccer brand specializing in truly custom kits.

True Custom

Customization means more to us than just changing a style of a color, or picking out of a catalog of designs.  It’s for those that are a deserving of a look that’s all their own. 

There’s more to a kit than meets the eye.

Womens Fit

Full arrangement of team uniforms and lifestyle apparel.


26,000 SQ FT Mixed Use Facilility in Toronto

Feel the power of your uniform.

The uniform is a powerful thing.  Create your own identity and stand out in a crowded space.

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